Key Generation - January 27th - Central Georgia

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Saturday January 27th, 2024 we hosted another successful "Field Key Generation" (aka KeyGen) course, here at The Compound! If you missed it, check out the write-up below, the photos, and our full length podcast review that we published as our course debrief! And come join us at our next KeyGen Course - Saturday February 24th, 2024.

After Action Review:

We had a course full of students, most of which had little to no experience with Tactical Lock Picking; so we got everyone a foundational introduction to the three main skillsets within Field Key Gen (Pulling bitting from a key, Pulling bitting from a lock, Hand cutting a key) and then we broke from the strict KeyGen side of the house and we added in a bunch of Tactical Lock Picking skills. We blended together some KeyGen with some field-based drills and scenarios. 

We had a runner bring pizza to us here at The Compound, we relaxed, we maintained a peer-to-peer learning environment, we enjoyed the weather and the scenery, we made use of our climbing/rappeling tower for a few drills, and we got to spend some time with our dogs, and one of the student's working K9's. 

All in all, 10/10, would repeat exactly the same. Very happy!

Podcast Episode 253: "KeyGen Course Recap"

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