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Brute Force Code Attack: Inputting every possible code/combination/password into a specific locked system. Using the "force" of ALL entry codes in order to gain access. 

UTAC's Brute Force Code Journal lays out every possible entry code for three major types of push-button mechanical locks; 10-input locks, 12-input locks, and the 5-input "variable" locking system that so many facilities, large and small, high and low securitiy, favor. 

The creation of this field notebook is not intended to give the user the approach of "If I see this type of lock, I shall use this notebook to gain entry". This notebook is intended to be used as "If I see one of these locks, and if accessing this lock is my most effective & efficient entry option, and if I can't otherwise access this lock in any other manner, I might use this notebook". 

Make smart entry skills. Try the handle and see if it's unlocked already, before you begin. Always reassess your progress and your entry options. And use this information responsibly. 

Artwork provided by @IllustrationNathan of the "Art and War" podcast.

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