Orange Plug Spinner

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If you're just starting out on your lock picking and bypassing journey with Tactical Lock Picking, we recommend focusing your energy on increasing your lock picking skills before you spend your resources buying a plug spinner. 

If a lock is picked in the wrong direction (common for deadbolts and knobs), a plug spinner quickly sets the lock to the opposite direction, instead of having to reset the keyway to neutral and to begin another picking attempt from scratch. Plug spinners are a HUGE time saver in the field during emergencies. They're not the most necessary tool in a 2nd Line Gear bag, but they sure help if you know how and when to use them. 

This particular plug spinner is one of our favorites. It has to be set with two hands but can be activated with one hand. It's small and compact. Seeminly rugged and reliable. No electronic parts. Not too heavy or bulky or expensive. This spinner comes with 4 separate keyway tips of different sizes, and the head of the spinner magnetically keeps the tip in place upon fitment into the slot. 

Good luck out there. Be smart, be safe, do what is morally right ;)

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