2nd Line Gear Bag

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This product is pieced together "to order". It may take 3-5 days (or more) to ship. Thank you for understanding the quality that we put into the design of our products and our kits!
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When your 1st Line Gear is not enough to help you oververcome a locked obstacle during an emergency, your 2nd Line Gear bag should be a strong foundation of entry options and it should also serve as a place to add tools that play to your strengths and a place to add or subtract tools that help you shore up your weak entry areas. 

This bag contains the following (*Some variations like make/model/color etc. may apply)

  • Glow in the dark 1"x1" door patch
  • Sling bag
  • Padlock shackel "Butterfly" shims
  • American 1100/700 bypass driver
  • Full handled decoder tools
  • Bump Hammer
  • Traveler's hook
  • Full handle 7 piece Bogota Flats set
  • Plug Spinner
  • UTAC branded DoorJamm
  • Commercial door latch shim set
  • Aluminum Wedge
  • Airbag Shim Wedge
  • Brute Force Entry code book
  • "Z-Bar" tension wrench set
  • Generic Jiggler expansion set
  • 5-piece bump keys set
  • Keyed Alike common key set
  • Warded Pick set
  • Civvy Intro Kit lockpick set
  • KW1 Lishi

We recommend the philosophy of starting with a solid foundation (this bag) and adding what is useful to you, discarding what is not, and making this setup uniquely your own. It may make sense for you to add some key cutting tools, it may not. It may make sense to add a ton of extra vehicle entry tools, it may not. After using this bag for a while, please keep in touch with us and let us know what you think. 

Best of luck out there. 

Ask hard questions, use smart tactics, and always bring your humor. 

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