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I used to carry a Brockhage vehilcle entry tool bag for many years because it was all that was available. It was only one big pocket, it had a terribly inneffective velcro strip, and it quickly fell apart at the seams. I carried around my pile of long tools (mostly vehicle entry tools) in that low quality bag long enough and decided it was time to add some classic UTAC "Field Usage" innovation to the entry tool marketplace!

This is not a new "technology," but it is a need that was unfulfilled, a design improvement, and absolutely - without a doubt - a quality improvement, so that you can more effectively deploy your long and awkward entry tools in the field, in style, and with a product that was locally handcrafted here in the good old U.S.A. by one real human person sitting at their sewing machine

  • The first problem with a singular pocked reach tool bag is that pulling one tool out of a jumble of poles that all have hooks and bends and angles at the end, usually results in many tools being pulled out, but the one you need staying stuck in a rat's nest. So we stacked TWO full-length pockets to solve the tool-knotting problem. 
  • We also increased the width and length of the entire body of the bag.
  • The old Brockhage bag I used did have one small square-ish pocket for accessories but definitely wasn't enough for me to call that a "feature" of the bag. So we now feature a greater width & depth accessory pocket, giving our bag three large wide pockets for your entry tools.
  • This bag also features a full width oversized velcro enclosure strip.
  • And comes in the two best colors ever: jet black, and multicam (yes, we're biased; and yes we love multicam).
  • Full pocket size is roughly 36"x8.5".

It's the little things that make us happy, even if it's not inventing an entirely new tool but just adding a little more quality and a little more thought into existing products in order to benefit prepared citizens, PenTesters and Red Teamers, First Responders, Locksmiths, Firefighters, Patrol Officers and Special Teams Operators, Top Tier Units, and whoever else wants to add non-destructuve entry and access training into their skillset toolbox. We truly hope you enjoy!

*Every one of these bags is produced locally by a single person at their sewing machine in the heart of middle Georgia, U.S.A.

*Made out of 1000D CORDURA Nylon.

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