Kwikset Smartkey Tryout Set

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$430.00 - $445.00
This product is created "to order". It may take 2-3 weeks to ship. Thank you for understanding the quality that we put into the design of our products and our kits!
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1 unit
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10 units
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Edit: more info coming soon. We have redesigned this tool-system and it is now available in a two-separate-pouch system (instead of one fanny pack), and available in black or Multicam. Made here in the U.S.A. 

These 243 "half cut" Tryout Keys take advantage of a loose mechanical tolerance between bitting heights for each position of a KW1 key, within the Kwikset Smartkey locks. Our 243 keys represent 100% of every single possible bitting code - able to trick a SmartKey lock into opening with a key that is close enough. And we have the data to prove it; our SmartKey Field Tryout Set pdf will be emailed to your email on file with your order of this set.

But(!) there are still variables to consider. Using this tool set is not as simple as "try every key until you find one that works." There is still operator error to consider, it's possible that a lock is rusted or broken, it's possible that a mistake was made in the cutting of the keys, and more

Our design of half-cut "tryout keys" does cover 100% of every single possible bitting code for the Kwikset Smartkey keyways, and we have the data to prove it. And we accomplished this in only 243 keys

Our kit is designed for the end-use field operator!

  • 243 Keys come quality checked, sealed in bespoke packaging.
  • Kit comes with a custom designed field use two-pouch-set.
  • Two color options available for the pouch set. 
  • Once you discover a working key, you can isolate that key with our "Key Leash".
  • Packs come with two different UTAC Door Logo patches (one for fresh keys, one for the discarded key pouch).
  • Every set is hand cut by Pat (owner/operator of UTAC) and quality control checked.

We are not just selling you a box of cut metal. We are delivering you a field-use system!

*These are cut to order and can take roughly 2-3 weeks to work days to stamp, cut, and quality control check before shipping. Please be patient with your expected shipping dates. Thank you*

Thank you, sincerely, for trusting UTAC with your training time and your training budget. It truly does mean the world to us. We never want to be a generic faceless company that merely punches out products in disregard for the application of this truly unique craft. 

After purchasing this set, if you have any questions or comments or development feedback, or especially any flaws that we need to correct, please email us at so that we can make it right for you. 

Thank you,


Warranty Information

No official warranty provided. But, if there is ANY problem with this product, please let us know ASAP so that we can try to make it right, immediately!


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