S.S. Bogota Set

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Stainless Steel Bogota Set!

The absolute definition of original quality, OG, high performance, good looks, "everything you need to get started" rake, pick tool, and tension wrenches. 

This product includes the black carrying case sleeve and a set of two Bogota picks. One of them is a triple peak rake, the other is a single peak used primarily for Single Pin Picking (although you can use them in any way that works). The backs of each of the tools can be used as a tension wrench. *Blank credit card used for scale and is not included!

These are smooth, polished, stainless, they are easy to carry in a number of overt or covert ways, they're easy to store, and they are great to give to your friends to get them hooked on the illusion of security and a really cool skill set.

(Padlock not included)



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