Bogota 7 Piece Titanium Flats

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Bogota picks are absolutely a go-to picking/raking set for entry afficianados internationally. This set comes with 6 full sized rakes that are large enough that you can take advantage of full handed dexterity during your entry, over the smaller EDC sized Bogota sets. They are a great tool to add to your 2nd Line gear bag. They are tool large to fit in most wallets, and I think they'd be a hassle to carry in a pocket every day (a job much better suited for our Stainless Steel Bogotas) but these certainly have a home in my "picking and raking expansion" zipper in my personal 2nd Line Gear bag. 

Set description:

6 - full handled Bogota rake tools:

  • Single Hump
  • Double Hump
  • Triple Hump
  • Sabana
  • Monserrate Fore
  • Monserrate Aft
  • Double Sided Tension Wrench
    • (With a dog ear cutout for TOK tension)

Crafted from aircraft grade titanium, they have a limited magnetic footprint and are extremely corrocive resistant. 

Each pick is approximately: 4.74" x .32" x .033"

Made in the U.S.A.

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