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Another awesome item in the Bogota line. These things are about as small as you can get while still being able to provide enough "motion in the ocean". Really, these things are the tinyist. I would advise against making these your Every Day Carry that you rely on the most but as you can see in the videos on this page, they still do fit a very important niche use. 

Stowing them inside an empty chapstick tube. Taping them to the back of a credit card. Hiding them inside something that you don't often need to access. Maybe taking out the sub-par picks in other tiny emergency stowage kits and putting these in instead, as a replacement/upgrade.

Just knowing that they're inexpensive, high-quality, and really fucking small, it's nice to make these a "stash item" so that if you don't have any of your EDC items you may realize that you were smart enough to stow away these little suckers somewhere that you could forget about...until now. 

Aircraft grade titanium, very low magnetic footprint, high-quality smooth operator tools

Tools ship with a small two-pocket vinyl sleeve but can be stored in as many ways as your imagination can present... including a few test runs that I've done with these things being very close to my heart (but like, a foot lower). You can see the attached videos here for more, or for the long-format audio you can check out the Uncensored Tactical podcast: *Episode 171*

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