Tactical Lock Picking Volume 1

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We have upgraded our original lock picking book for 2023! Tactical Lock Picking is now Tactical Lock Picking Volume 1. We've made some content changes within the pages but we've made a lot of changes (upgrades) to the style, the formatting, and the quality.

We've added more photos, larger photos, and higher quality photos. We've gone to a hardcover version of the physical book this time, vs the paperback for the original title. We've changed the format from a standalone into a "part one of a series," and we've added some original artwork too! *Some artwork was provided by *IllustrationNathan of the CBRN "Art and War" podcast - he always does an AWESOME job. 

All of the pages edged in red will take you straight to the gear chapter (a fan favorite). We did this for a number of reasons. "Where do I get that tool? What's it called? How much is it?" the most common questions we get, by far, when teaching our in-person courses. This red-tabbed decision was designed to help the students in our courses answer that question effectively and efficiently in real time during our course, and our readers at home seem to like this design feature as well.

This book (and this series of TLP volumes) was designed for real use, designed to help people advance their craft of making non-destructive entry through locked obstacles during emergencies or during operations. Just knowing "how to pick a lock" is a level-up for an operator or a responder, professional or self-supported, but knowing "how to apply a skill set at an advanced level during emergencies" is a whole different ball game. This book was designed to help you tackle that whether you are a Tier One operator, a street level first-responder, or a soccer mom. 

For every 1-unit of content that we have produced for you in this book, and in our training courses, we spend at least 10-units of time with the framing, the formatting, the sharpening and polishing, to make sure that with Uncensored Tactical you are always getting the most possible value out of our works. 

Thank you, sincerely, for trusting UTAC with your training time and your training budget. Please let us know what you think about our content by emailing Pat@utac.io.


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