Tactical Lock Picking Volume 2

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Tactical Lock Picking Volume 2 - Field Key Generation is now available in hardcover for presale!!! Our newly released title to go with our in-person courses that we teach on how to generate working keys in the field from scratch for the professional or self-supported operator. 

This book also pairs nicely with our upcomig "Homestead Locksmith" course which helps homesteaders (and other home and business owners) to take the lock and keyed security systems into your own hands to save time, save money, and in some cases save a life!

This book is a high-level how-to technical manual designed to give you a foundational understanding of how to generate working keys. Just like Tactical Lock Picking Volume 1 - Foundations, this book is full of high quality photos and custom artwork. 

If you want to take your lock picking skill, or other entry skill set, to the next level, adding in the capability of being able to copy a key under field conditions is an AWESOME addition to the toolbox of ANY operator. 

Lock Picking will help get you through a door while you are locked out. KeyGen will help you get through a door in the future, or to share access with others by copying and duplicating keys to give to other operators on your team, and will help speed up the process of entry for future known entry operations. 

This is a super unique, and highly beneficial skill set that can help Tier One operators, street-level first responders, all the way to soccer moms. This was not designed to replace any type of kinetic entry but to be an addition to any person or any team that wants to ensure they have keyed access to specific locks, and they want that access in the field on operations, or during emergencies. 

We love what we do here at UTAC.

Please let us know what you think of our works by emailing Pat@utac.io

Thank you for trusting UTAC with your training time and your training budget. Enjoy!

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No warranty provided, but please contact us if you have any problems, or with any feedback, so that we can see what we can do for you! We are a very small company with limited resources and we do the best we can. Thank you for your support!


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