Covert Pocket 8/60 Set

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"Covert Pocket Set" aka, the 8/60. 

This comes in a small, square, beautiful leather pouch with four sewn dividers. 

When you're able to identify the right type of locking mechanisms that these tools will work on, this little pocket sized set can get you through an amazing number of locked obstacles in short time. 

While I do own a few of these sets personally, I still carry only my 1st Line Gear kit in my pocket every day as it also servs as my wallet. I don't like to grab my "wallet, keys, cell phone.....AND my lock picking set" I just like to have my lock picking tools inside my wallet. But I don't fault people that choose to carry their keys, wallet, phone, and their entry kit. Therefore, this kit is listed in our 1st Line Gear tab, and our 2nd Line Gear tab.

The way that I use this set is that I place it in a category that I've started calling my "Stowaway" line. Meaning: It's not something in my pockets or in my 2nd Line Gear bag, but I do keep these tools tucked away in unique places so that if I'm ever without my wallet, or without my bag, or without the tools in the trunk of my car, I have several stash places, "Stowaway places" where I have tools just awaiting use. Glovebox of my car. Office desk. Have a partner or a spouse carry a small stowaway set for you. Fanny pack is a great place for one of these. In an admin pouch on your body armor. Or even throw one of these sets into your 2nd Line Gear bag too. 

Best of luck with this extremely useful and extremely compact problem solving kit. 

Keep us updated with what you think of it during your own field trials.

Divider #1:

  • Z Bar, double ended tension wrench, with Top-Of-Keyway serrations cut out. 

Divider #2:

  • Short, flat hook.
  • Medium, round hook.
  • Quad rake.
  • Quint rake. 

Divider #3:

  • 4-Pin Comb. (Master 140, Master 141, and other 40mm clones)
  • 5-Pin Comb. (M150, M160, Abus 55/60, and others)
  • 6-Pin Comb Standard. (A2000, A2001, 6271, American series 748 and other locks that utilize the American 2001 series cylinder)
  • 6-Pin Comb Thin. (Works on the above 6-Pin Cylinders and those with tighter keyways)

Divider #4:

  • Three common wafer jiggler profiles.
  • Quick stick.

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