KeyGen Quick Reference Cards KW1 & SC1

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If you are generating keys in the field, during emergencies or for operations, then these cards will be worth their weight in gold for you. 

Sold as a two pack. One card is the KW1 measurements in mm's on the front, inches on the back; the other card is a SC1 measurement card with mm's front, inches on the back.

These KeyGen Quick Reference Cards for Kwikset KW1 and the Schlage SC1 key blanks and pin-tumbler locks, are more than meets the eye. 

  • We were inspired by Deviant Ollam's free bitting reference download charts, still available HERE on his GitHub page. We took some of that information and tried to improve the design and the egronomics.
  • We also based these cards off of the very common and popular LAB repinning kit measurements. 
  • One problem that is sometimes a struggle to quickly navigate in the field is milimeter to inches conversions, which these cards do automatically, just flip the card over. KW1 - inches on the front, KW1 - milimeters on the back. Same for the SC1 card. 
  • We also put the key cut depths and the pin height measurements on the same card, as well as the "shoulder to first cut" and cut spacing measurements down the blade of the key. All on one small credit card sized reference.
  • These cards are pre-printed to the perfect readable size and you don't need to print these out at home and to troubleshoot getting the perfect size and then firing up the old laminator and cutting the rounded corners of your homemade references. You certainly could if you wanted to, but we wanted to make this "plug-and-play" easy for our KeyGen operators out there.
  • We also included a full key blank identifier image along the left side of each card, as well as what the keyway looks like for the KW1 and for the SC1 keyways. Still on the same small card.
  • And for the LAB pin references, we put these aftermarket pins onto the card with color coding according to the pins that LAB offers for repinning, making some field identification via color even faster if you happen to be using a LAB kit. 
  • Where there is conflicting information between references, we went with our most popular and widely known resources. Locksmithing is a science, but it's not always a perfect science. The commercial world of locks still has a few burrs that need to be sanded out. So, keep in mind that these are references and recommendations, there may be numbers that are rounded up, or down, etc. when it comes to the second and third decimal places of inches and milimeters.
  • If you find that we have got something objectively wrong on these cards, please email and we would be happy to hear about how we can improve. 

These go hand in hand with our book Tactical Lock Picking Volume 2 - Field Key Generation as a field-use tool. And these are handed out to our students in our in-person KeyGen classes as part of their student kit that they get to take home. These also go hand in hand with our Altoids Micro Pinning Kits, which all fit nicely into a KeyGen fanny pack setup.

We did not re-invent the wheel here; it's just numbers. But we did do what makes us happy, and what we always try to do, which is to help shape tools and resources and training so that this unique skill set can be as user-friendly as possible for those who will be employing this skill during real life or in emergencies. 

Thank you for supporting UTAC, and we hope that you are able to see the passion that we have for this craft of Covert Entry.

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