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Comb tools are amazing tools...when they work, and when you know that they are the right choice for your particular entry needs. Previous comb tools were either too small to use with great dexterity, or too large to be carried in a slim wallet-type EDC setup so UTAC and LockPickTools collaborated to fill the "in-betweener" size for a medium-handled four-piece comb tool set. 

We also added a big upgrade for the end user that intends to use these during operations or emergencies by laser engraving some of the known makes/models of locks that these combs are known to open - making the Lock & Tool ID process much more accessible and more streamlined for the field-user.

It is recommended that a tension wrench be used with the 6-pin thin comb as it is too thin to provide the turning tension required for some of the larger or more stiff-springed locks. 

Set comes in a black vinyl four-pocket pouch. 

Enjoy, and let us know how they work for YOU.

***Designed and manufactured here in the U.S.A.

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