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Have you forgotten the code to your key's lock box?

How much time would you have to wait for a locksmith to come drill holes in your locks/ gates/ chaines etc? How much would you have to pay a locksmith to open a locked combination lock for you (probably not less than $100). How much time and energy would it take to get the tools together and physically destroy a lock, buy a new lock, and install a new lock if you find yourself without the correct code for your mechanical lock?

Do you have a push button lock standing between you and where you need to get to - a space that you have the right to enter? Contained within this Digital Download Pack (DDP) are several code sheets that have (for practical purposes) almost every possible code to the types of locks contained within each separate document. 

Besides the brute force code sheets in this pack there are also some additional resources (4th Line Gear) items that are a gold-mine for those that are responding to emergencies in the field. 

If you download and read through all of these documents you are essentially receiving a "university credits" level of instruction on an elective in "Entry Studies".

Download and enjoy responsibly and share this downloaded information in any way that you like.

*This digital download pack is in development (and will probably change and evolve as long as UTAC exists. It may be updated weekly, mothly, or a few times a year. The price point will change over time and the amount/type of products contained herein may change from time to time.

**Once you purchase and download the files contained in this digital download pack, please feel free to use these materials to teach others, feel free to improve, update, repackage, test, or even to monetize these products. These products are intentionally not copyrighted and we encourage the free use of these products. You are essentially paying UTAC for the service of an ease of access to these files. We give these files away to students at our in-person classes and our online training groups, we also will give these files away during special events throughout the year or with certain marketing ventures. You are more than welcomed to find these materials elsewhere if you like or to create these materials on your own. Or, you can pay us for a user-friendly/convenient delivery. 

***It is possible that the information contained in this digital download pack is incorrect and is missing context or may even have typos contained herein. If you have ideas for how to improve upon any of these files or if you find any typos, please feel free to email me, Pat, at . 

****This information is imaginable, searchable, attainable, creatable, and sharable by any person on the planet. I've only organized this information. You are responsible for it's proper and moral use. 

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No Warranty Provided. Warning, it is POSSIBLE that typo's exist in this product. If you find one, please write to my email:


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