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The Z-Bar 3-Pack is another great addition to your 2nd Line Gear bag, or your Go-Bag, for lock picking. As a tension wrench expansion pack it's probably not something you carry in your wallet every day (though you could if you like), it does provide a TON of value if you still think that a keyway entry is still you best option but your EDC isn't quite enough. 

This "flat bar" pack pairs very well with our Longhorn Tension set since these flats apply a point of contact on the keyway in a North-South position (or 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock) and the Longhorn Tension set provides a point of contact in the West-East directions (9 o'clock and 3 o'clock) meaning that you can hit all four cardinal directions off of the keyway with the lengths of your tools which can really help in the field if there are strange angles or obstacles near or around the keyway you need to access.

These tools come in three thicknesses, with length variations at each end. Every end of these tools has a dog-ear cutout that helps grab the keyway better. They are smoothly polished and each pack has three thicknesses of tools:

.030" thick

.040" thick

.050" thick

Purchasing lock pick tools is cool, but purchasing tools smartly in a manner that provides you usable, deployable, value in the field, THAT is sexy. Whether these tools make sense for you or not, go make smart purchases and TEST YOUR GEAR AT HOME BEFORE YOU HAVE TO RELY ON YOUR TOOLS IN THE FIELD. Lock picking has lots of bad marketing. Don't trust ME either. Just because a tool works well for one person does not mean it works well for another. 

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    Posted by Aron on Jul 14th 2022

    Great EDC tension tools

    These are great. They are strong with very little flex and are comfortable for me to use. Using TOK tools allows more room for my hook when I am single pin picking. Great tools!